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There are LOTS of earrings to choose from! Earrings are customisable, which is why there are only a few pictures here. Please click on any of the options and choose from a range of paua shell shapes and swarovski crystal colours. Or come to an event near you and see the amazing range for yourself!

Paua Shell Shapes include circle, oval, square, diamond, waterdrop, heart, rectangle, tusks ...

Swarovski Colours include AMethyst, EMerald, ROse Pink, FUschia Pink, SApphire Blue, JEt Black, AB Clear Crystal ...

All earrings are available as Sterling Silver Hooks, Sterling Silver Studs, or Clip Ons

For any other enquiries eg. smaller ovals, special shapes, please email enquiries@girlpaua.co.uk
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CUSTOMISABLE PE01-SHORT Paua & Swarovski Short Earrings *change paua shape & size, & crystal colour*
Size of Paua Shell
Small 0.8 - 1cm
Medium 1.1-1.4cm
Large 1.5-1.8cm