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Mhairi from Girl PauaHi, I’m Mhairi, & after graduating from Aberdeen University with a Joint Honours Degree in Languages, I travelled around South East Asia and spent a year working in New Zealand. I returned home to Glasgow and had my two daughters. They are Skiwis – half Scottish half Kiwi! In May 2007 their Nana and Koro (Māori for grandpa) visited and brought paua shell pieces. I drilled them and made natural pendants, which I then sold at Merchant Square Craft Fair in Glasgow. 15 years on I now attend events around the UK and sell my gift and jewellery ranges in shops and through the website

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New Zealand Paua Shell (pah-wah)

Paua is the native New Zealand Maori word for Abalone and is the brightest of all the species in the world. It has beautiful iridescent tones and a multitude of colours which reflect light.

At Girl Paua we combine NZ Paua Shell with Freshwater Pearls and Cut Glass Crystals to create elegant jewellery and unusual shell gifts.

With its amazing array of colours and iridescent sheen, Paua Shell compliments almost everything in your wardrobe and can be worn time and time again.

Paua Shell is well sustained. There are areas in NZ with strict no fishing laws, and individuals can only dive unaided (ie no scuba apparatus) to harvest a maximum of 5 shells over a certain size. Paua is mainly a bi-product of the fishery industry. After harvesting it is tumbled with small pebbles and shells to remove the outer crust.

It is considered a treasured and lucky shell in NZ & is used in the eyes of carvings outside Maori Maraes to ward away evil spirits.