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Embrace the Spirit of the Ocean

Mhairi from Girl PauaFusing the iridescent glow of seashells and pearls with the sparkle of Swarovski crystal, our handcrafted jewellery, homewares and accessories are inspired by the timeless beauty of New Zealand’s Pacific ocean shores. 

We take our name from the Paua Shell: an ancient Maori treasure, famous today as the most colourful and vibrant of all the abalones. 100% natural and sustainable, our shells are sustainably sourced from the New Zealand coast, prepared and polished, and then transformed into unique finished pieces in our workshop in Scotland. 
Every piece is a journey: a fusion of antipodean origins and Scottish craftsmanship. Most pieces are handmade by Girl Paua founder Mhairi Sim. Mhairi fell in love with the breathtaking beauty and versatility of the Paua whilst living and working in New Zealand, following her graduation from the University of Aberdeen. Working from her studio in the West of Scotland since 2007, she combines authentic New Zealand Paua shells with freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals in unique and modern combinations that perfectly capture the colour and sparkle of the sea.
Girl Paua jewellery, homewares and accessories are available to buy at craft fairs and handmade gift shops throughout Scotland, and shipped globally through our online shop.

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